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Thoughts from a lost kitty... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Thoughts from a lost kitty...

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Love you, love this town, love this motherlovin truck that keeps breakin lovin down... [Oct. 21st, 2006|06:28 pm]
[mood |angrypissed]
[music |Love You-Jack Ingram]

I've been at fvs for 1.25 years and i'm ready to get the hell out of here. I'm not quite sure how my parents will respond, but i'm meaning to talk to them. i've been thinking about it all year and i've been trying to make it work, but its not workingggg. i looove my roommate and the idea of boarding school but i now know why kids from texas only stay here like 2 years. ahhhh this is me being retarded but i really, really want to go back home even though i'm not sure how i'll get along with my parents. i'll work on it. at least i'll have a car.
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Ndakasimba kana makasimbawo... [Oct. 16th, 2006|07:14 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Elias-Dispatch]

No matter how many times I listen to Elias, or Dispatch in general, I remember why I spent the majority of my freshman year obsessed with them. such straight up goodness. thanks, sara, for the push in the dispatch direction.

so. i'm turning 16 in 15 days...i'm so pumped.

but i'm really excited to go to Aiken again, ASAP=>ringo is like the most amazing horse ever. and i know i sound lazy, but it's so hard and frustrating to take care of buckley when he's lame, like he was during parents weekend. of course, i've had my boy buckley for 2 years and my mothers never seen me on him. it happens. and i looooove buckley, but i feel like ringo and i have mucho potential too.

I only have Algebra II homework tonight but i'm hard core procrastinating while my roommate is working diligently. whatevs.

ahhhh well i better go.

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Those three words are said too much they're not enough... [Oct. 12th, 2006|12:50 am]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol]

yeah so i'm terrible at keeping up with this thing---much worse than last year haha.
i'm tired, but thank god i dont have ALL that much homework. i see my parents tomorrow---sort of excitedish.
uhmmm i came back from riding Ringo on monday...he's so bomb i love him.
aunt katherine died yesterday--the only reason i'm so nonchalant about it is that she was 95 and ready to go.
thats kind of it...i turn 16 in 20 days though! nov.1
peace out kids...
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When you think happiness, I hope you think that little black dress... [Oct. 3rd, 2006|08:40 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Tim McGraw-Taylor Swift]

I really should be doing homework right now, but i'm too bored. western civ sucks, and i have to do spanish and the stupidfucking skit for brit lit...
ok, i'm just going to say it. honestly. if you like me, dont make fun of me all the time. it's retarded and i just think youre an asshole. especially dont do it if i know you like me. shit, people. and if you make it obvious you like me, chances are i'll quit liking you. it's just the way i'm wired i guess. or the fact that that stupidfucking cowboy won't get out of my head. so i guess it's not you, it's just him. damnit.
whatevs. i need to go to ballantine to work on my skit. so boring. hate it.
peace kids.
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It all might be ok or we might be dead... [Oct. 1st, 2006|10:23 pm]
[mood |calmpretty decent]
[music |All I Need-Mat Kearney]

Surprisingly, I'm really chilled out today. Sophomore year has been quite stressfull so this is a weird time for me.
So, I have an addiction to Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, and The Office. I feel like it would be less expensive if i stopped downloading all of them every week and took up snorting heroin instead.
I feel like i'd get more homework done then too.

I can not WAIT until this weekend. i get to see sara and ride my new horse ringo...it'll be bomb!
the only downside is that i have to tell mr lebo that i'm missing algebra 2 and he's going to be royally pissed because i've missed like 8 algebra 2 classes.
i think it pisses him off cos i still have an A in his class though i never know what the hell he's talking about.

Well, i have to read sir gawain and the green knight. it's fabolous. not really, but much better than beowulf. shit that was boring. peace. i'll be up way late tonight...

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And watch the sun sink like a stone... [Sep. 7th, 2006|06:18 pm]
[Current Location |Dorm Room]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Long Ride Home-Patty Griffin]

Im so tired...just got off Buckley. Living the high life right now, eating spaghettios out of a cup with my halfchaps and spurs still on. I'll go take a shower in like 5 minutes...i'm just so not in to moving right now.
Thank god I'm missing school tomorrow...horseshows rock. Doing the children's hunters with Buckley. I'm trying to go to Aiken ASAP to meet Ringo, my new junior hunter.
Off to take a shower...i am way too ADD for this shit.
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